SFG Beta

Signal Function Generator (Beta)

This will be the final release before the retail version.

Release information
  • Save or Open logic circuit files from a cloud drive.
  • Render & save output into WAV or MP3 file formats.
  • Added system’s Microphone Function Cell input.
  • Added Average & Mixer Function Cells.
  • Added Pulsed waveform function.
  • The deviation in frequency modulation (FM) can now be adjusted.
  • Added informative tooltip and mouse-hover on menus and other elements.


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5 thoughts on “SFG Beta

  1. Hello.
    I see you made ​​beta with many improvements. I congratulate you for this!
    I have a suggestion and a question:
    1. You could make the generator to have a fixed frequency output, for example: <<>>
    The ELF Generator!
    (Extremely Low Frequency)

    This fixed frequency, amplitude modulate (AM) with a microphone. The problem is how I ,, out ” of the computer, this frequency, given that the sound card works only up to 20 KHz??
    I do not have money … but I will try soon to make a donation to this project.
    Dan / Romania / EU / NATO

    • Not sure what you mean by “fixed frequency”, its fixed by default unless you have a modulating signal as an input.

      The maximum frequency is 22050 hz, and you also have to make sure that your system is set to 44100 samples per second and not 48 or there will be a high hissing noise on the signal.

      A future version will implement Phidget devices, witch will allow for much higher frequencies.

      Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming.

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