SFG Alpha

WaveLogic Systems: Wave Function and Signal Generator

The Signal Function Generator (SFG) is a user friendly program designed to use your computer’s sound card as a signal function generator. Through an easy-to-use graphical interface, it provides the user the ability to construct complex wave patterns by combining multiple cyclical wave functions with mixing, inversion, rectification, trigger, and other logic with industry standard cyclical functions such as sinusoid, square, saw-tooth and many more with phase shifting, inversion, mixing, DC & time offset or amplitude and frequency modulation (AM & FM) options.

See detailed specifications on this version.
alpha 0.7 screen shots

Field of Application

Electronic hobbyists, engineers, physics, researchers, investors, sound developers, or anyone in the field of science and technology who relies on the science of patterns, predictions or function by cyclical logic.


Some features and functionality of SFG surpasses those of function generators sold for over $700, while the unique symbolic based graphic interface eliminates the need or knowledge of complex calculus math, it also facilitates the design process and maintains a clear & readable design layout structure.

Version 0.7 Alpha limitations

The maximum frequency possible with SFG version 0.7 Alpha is limited by the computer’s sound card frequency of 22.05 KHz. No mainstream sound card is produced with a larger frequency. Since 22.05 KHz is the maximum frequency audible by human ears. Plans for frequency in the MHz range is in the drawing board.

Software License

All versions previous to the final 1.0 release, including all Alpha and Beta releases are free to use under the specific license agreement associated with each version. Alpha and Beta releases will no longer be available or accessible to previous users once the retail version 1.0 final is released.

The license cost of the final retail version is not yet known, but a free license will automatically be provided to users who have donated to the project before the final release, regardless of donation amount.

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