Wave Function & Signal Generator/Oscillator.
Use your computer’s sound card to output cyclical wave signals. Synthesize sound or complex functions for sound-music creation, design & engineering and scientific research under a visual oriented interface.

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11 thoughts on “Software

  1. Dear Sir. I also long been looking for a software like the one presented to you on this page! I have an interesting idea to replace this software with an expensive device that can not be replicated because it is encased in a very hard substance. If you are interested, I can give details in an e-mail if you did send me an e-mail.
    Dan / Romania / EU
    PS. I’m sorry if wrong appear in English, because I had a lack of time to use google translate!

  2. Hello!
    I’m dan-Lucian, but I lost old account password, so I went with this new nick-name.
    In the post from September 22, 2012 at 2:40 am, I was referring to device: Neurophone
    I request you to study the extraordinary things that can be done with this device.
    I am an electrical engineer, so the research on the internet, I reconstituted theoretical device.
    In principle, it is composed of:
    – A sinusoidal oscillator 40,000-50,000 Hz frequency range (40-50 kHz)
    – An amplitude modulator. This makes modulation (AM ) signal of 45 kHz (for example) with the signal from the microphone or audio file.
    – A power amplifier, approximately 3-5 W, which amplifies the modulated signal in AM of 45 KHz
    – A high voltage transformer that increases signal modulated AM, a value of 50-100 Vpp
    – 2 piezoceramic transducers with oscillation frequency closer to the value of 45 KHz.
    And now, I want to suggest:
      – Adapt your oscillator, so that, they have the upper threshold frequency of 75 KHz (for example)
    – Ability to amplitude modulation (AM) of the oscillator signal with the signal from the microphone or, better, an audio file.
     – Ability to adapt to a Frequency counter, to measure in real time the frequency oscillator.
      Since we do not know exactly which high-frequency (40-50 kHz) with your variable frequency oscillator can be made experiments to determine the optimal frequency.
    – How can we, out” modulated signal, considering that a sound card is not working at these frequencies?
    So if the above obstacles are resolved, I believe that many people would be interested in this software, including me.
       Device once done, can produce a radical change in our lives! The suggestions and auto-suggestion, sent to the brain during sleep can produce things that may seem miraculous. It can cure incurable diseases can get rid of addictions, can learn an awful lot in a very short time, it can suggestions to your brain to work in so-called,, the good fortune and wealth in life” (yes, it is !!!!)
    I look forward to an opinion of you!
    dan-lucian / Romania / EU

    • On the next release I’m implementing a microphone and file input. A future version already in the works will support Arduino, allowing for frequencies potentially over 1Mhz with several channels, and also some more advanced logic function cells like phase shifting, FFT, frequency counter, multiplexer and D-multiplexers.

      I’m very interested on your device, this is specifically the kind of use the software is designed for. Keep me updated.

  3. Hello! I am glad that you are interested in this subject! Because I see that you have a forum attached to this site, I will be there this subject extensively, with all the information that I am …. and maybe together we’ll do something better than Patrick Flanagan

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